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dd::Resource_group_impl Class Reference

#include <resource_group_impl.h>

Inheritance diagram for dd::Resource_group_impl:

Public Member Functions

 Resource_group_impl ()
 Resource_group_impl (const Resource_group_impl &)
const Object_tableobject_table () const override
bool validate () const override
bool restore_attributes (const Raw_record &r) override
bool store_attributes (Raw_record *r) override
void debug_print (String_type &outb) const override
const resourcegroups::Typeresource_group_type () const override
void set_resource_group_type (const resourcegroups::Type &type) override
bool resource_group_enabled () const override
void set_resource_group_enabled (bool enabled) override
const std::bitset< CPU_MASK_SIZE > & cpu_id_mask () const override
void set_cpu_id_mask (const std::vector< resourcegroups::Range > &vcpu_vec) override
int thread_priority () const override
void set_thread_priority (int priority) override
Entity_object_implimpl () override
const Entity_object_implimpl () const override
Object_id id () const override
 The unique dictionary object id. More...
bool is_persistent () const override
 Is dictionary object persistent in dictionary tables ? More...
const String_typename () const override
void set_name (const String_type &name) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Entity_object_impl
 Entity_object_impl ()
void set_id (Object_id id)
Object_keycreate_primary_key () const override
bool has_new_primary_key () const override
 Indicates that object is guaranteed to have primary key value which doesn't exist in database (e.g. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Weak_object
 Weak_object ()=default
 Weak_object (const Weak_object &)=default
virtual ~Weak_object ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Weak_object_impl_< use_pfs >
 Weak_object_impl_ ()=default
 ~Weak_object_impl_ () override=default
void * operator new (size_t size, const std::nothrow_t &nt) noexcept
void operator delete (void *ptr, const std::nothrow_t &nt) noexcept
void * operator new (size_t size) noexcept
void operator delete (void *ptr) noexcept
virtual bool store (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx)
 Store the DD object into DD table. More...
bool drop (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx) const
 Drop the DD object from DD table. More...
virtual bool restore_children (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *)
virtual bool store_children (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *)
virtual bool drop_children (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Resource_group
 ~Resource_group () override=default
virtual bool update_id_key (Id_key *key) const
virtual bool update_name_key (Name_key *key) const
virtual bool update_aux_key (Aux_key *) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void register_tables (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Resource_group
static bool update_id_key (Id_key *key, Object_id id)
static bool update_name_key (Name_key *key, const String_type &name)
static void create_mdl_key (const String_type &name, MDL_key *key)

Private Member Functions

Resource_groupclone () const override
Resource_groupclone_dropped_object_placeholder () const override
 Allocate a new object which can serve as a placeholder for the original object in the Dictionary_client's dropped registry (i.e. More...

Private Attributes

String_type m_resource_group_name
resourcegroups::Type m_type
bool m_enabled
std::bitset< CPU_MASK_SIZEm_cpu_id_mask
int m_thread_priority

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from dd::Resource_group
typedef Resource_group_impl Impl
typedef Resource_group Cache_partition
typedef tables::Resource_groups DD_table
typedef Primary_id_key Id_key
typedef Global_name_key Name_key
typedef Void_key Aux_key
- Protected Member Functions inherited from dd::Entity_object_impl
void set_primary_key_value (const Raw_new_record &r) override
void fix_has_new_primary_key () override
void restore_id (const Raw_record &r, int field_idx)
void restore_name (const Raw_record &r, int field_idx)
bool store_id (Raw_record *r, int field_idx)
bool store_name (Raw_record *r, int field_idx)
bool store_name (Raw_record *r, int field_idx, bool is_null)
void serialize (Sdi_wcontext *wctx, Sdi_writer *w) const
bool deserialize (Sdi_rcontext *rctx, const RJ_Value &val)
 Entity_object_impl (const Entity_object_impl &src)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from dd::Weak_object_impl_< use_pfs >
bool check_parent_consistency (Entity_object_impl *parent, Object_id parent_id) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Resource_group_impl() [1/2]

dd::Resource_group_impl::Resource_group_impl ( )

◆ Resource_group_impl() [2/2]

dd::Resource_group_impl::Resource_group_impl ( const Resource_group_impl src)

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

Resource_group * dd::Resource_group_impl::clone ( ) const

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ clone_dropped_object_placeholder()

Resource_group * dd::Resource_group_impl::clone_dropped_object_placeholder ( ) const

Allocate a new object which can serve as a placeholder for the original object in the Dictionary_client's dropped registry (i.e.

it has the same keys as original).

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ cpu_id_mask()

const std::bitset< CPU_MASK_SIZE > & dd::Resource_group_impl::cpu_id_mask ( ) const

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ debug_print()

void dd::Resource_group_impl::debug_print ( String_type outb) const

Implements dd::Weak_object.

◆ id()

Object_id dd::Resource_group_impl::id ( ) const

The unique dictionary object id.

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ impl() [1/2]

const Entity_object_impl * dd::Resource_group_impl::impl ( ) const

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ impl() [2/2]

Entity_object_impl * dd::Resource_group_impl::impl ( )

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ is_persistent()

bool dd::Resource_group_impl::is_persistent ( ) const

Is dictionary object persistent in dictionary tables ?

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ name()

const String_type & dd::Resource_group_impl::name ( ) const

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ object_table()

const Object_table & dd::Resource_group_impl::object_table ( ) const

◆ register_tables()

void dd::Resource_group_impl::register_tables ( Open_dictionary_tables_ctx otx)

◆ resource_group_enabled()

bool dd::Resource_group_impl::resource_group_enabled ( ) const

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ resource_group_type()

const resourcegroups::Type & dd::Resource_group_impl::resource_group_type ( ) const

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ restore_attributes()

bool dd::Resource_group_impl::restore_attributes ( const Raw_record r)

◆ set_cpu_id_mask()

void dd::Resource_group_impl::set_cpu_id_mask ( const std::vector< resourcegroups::Range > &  vcpu_vec)

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ set_name()

void dd::Resource_group_impl::set_name ( const String_type name)

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ set_resource_group_enabled()

void dd::Resource_group_impl::set_resource_group_enabled ( bool  enabled)

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ set_resource_group_type()

void dd::Resource_group_impl::set_resource_group_type ( const resourcegroups::Type type)

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ set_thread_priority()

void dd::Resource_group_impl::set_thread_priority ( int  priority)

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ store_attributes()

bool dd::Resource_group_impl::store_attributes ( Raw_record r)

◆ thread_priority()

int dd::Resource_group_impl::thread_priority ( ) const

Implements dd::Resource_group.

◆ validate()

bool dd::Resource_group_impl::validate ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_cpu_id_mask

std::bitset<CPU_MASK_SIZE> dd::Resource_group_impl::m_cpu_id_mask

◆ m_enabled

bool dd::Resource_group_impl::m_enabled

◆ m_resource_group_name

String_type dd::Resource_group_impl::m_resource_group_name

◆ m_thread_priority

int dd::Resource_group_impl::m_thread_priority

◆ m_type

resourcegroups::Type dd::Resource_group_impl::m_type

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