MySQL 8.3.0
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dd::Raw_record_set Class Reference

#include <raw_record_set.h>

Inheritance diagram for dd::Raw_record_set:

Public Member Functions

 ~Raw_record_set ()
Raw_recordcurrent_record ()
bool next (Raw_record *&r)
 Move to next record in DD table that matches the supplied key. More...

Private Member Functions

 Raw_record_set (TABLE *table, Raw_key *key)
bool open ()
 Initializes the table scan operation. More...
- Private Member Functions inherited from dd::Raw_record
 Raw_record (TABLE *table)
bool update ()
 Update table record into SE. More...
bool drop ()
 Drop the record from SE. More...
bool store_pk_id (int field_no, Object_id id)
bool store_ref_id (int field_no, Object_id id)
bool store (int field_no, const String_type &s, bool is_null=false)
bool store (int field_no, ulonglong ull, bool is_null=false)
bool store (int field_no, longlong ll, bool is_null=false)
bool store (int field_no, bool b, bool is_null=false)
bool store (int field_no, uint v, bool is_null=false)
bool store (int field_no, int v, bool is_null=false)
bool store (int field_no, const Properties &p)
bool store_time (int field_no, my_time_t val, bool is_null=false)
bool store_timestamp (int field_no, const my_timeval &tv)
 Store timeval at field specified by field_no into the record. More...
bool store_json (int field_no, const Json_wrapper &json)
bool is_null (int field_no) const
longlong read_int (int field_no) const
longlong read_int (int field_no, longlong null_value) const
ulonglong read_uint (int field_no) const
ulonglong read_uint (int field_no, ulonglong null_value) const
String_type read_str (int field_no) const
String_type read_str (int field_no, const String_type &null_value) const
Object_id read_ref_id (int field_no) const
bool read_bool (int field_no) const
my_time_t read_time (int field_no) const
my_timeval read_timestamp (int field_no) const
 Read timeval stored at field specified by field_no from the record. More...
bool read_json (int field_no, Json_wrapper *json_wrapper) const
void set_null (int field_no, bool is_null)
Fieldfield (int field_no) const

Private Attributes

- Private Attributes inherited from dd::Raw_record


class Raw_table

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Raw_record_set()

dd::Raw_record_set::~Raw_record_set ( )

◆ Raw_record_set()

dd::Raw_record_set::Raw_record_set ( TABLE table,
Raw_key key 

Member Function Documentation

◆ current_record()

Raw_record * dd::Raw_record_set::current_record ( )

◆ next()

bool dd::Raw_record_set::next ( Raw_record *&  r)

Move to next record in DD table that matches the supplied key.

If there is no key supplied, then we do a sorted index full scan.

r- Pointer to Raw_record after moving to next row.
false - On success. 1) We found a row. 2) OR Either we don't have any matching rows
true - On failure and my_error() is invoked.

◆ open()

bool dd::Raw_record_set::open ( )

Initializes the table scan operation.

If there is no key supplied, then we do a sorted index full scan.

true - on failure and error is reported.
false - on success.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ Raw_table

friend class Raw_table

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_current_record

Raw_record* dd::Raw_record_set::m_current_record

◆ m_key

Raw_key* dd::Raw_record_set::m_key

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