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dd::Column_statistics_impl Class Referencefinal

#include <column_statistics_impl.h>

Inheritance diagram for dd::Column_statistics_impl:
dd::Entity_object_impl dd::Column_statistics dd::Entity_object dd::Weak_object_impl dd::Entity_object dd::Weak_object dd::Weak_object dd::Weak_object

Public Member Functions

 Column_statistics_impl ()
virtual const Object_tableobject_table () const override
bool validate () const override
bool store_attributes (Raw_record *r) override
bool restore_attributes (const Raw_record &r) override
void serialize (Sdi_wcontext *wctx, Sdi_writer *w) const override
 Converts *this into json. More...
bool deserialize (Sdi_rcontext *rctx, const RJ_Value &val) override
 Re-establishes the state of *this by reading sdi information from the rapidjson DOM subobject provided. More...
const String_typeschema_name () const override
void set_schema_name (const String_type &schema_name) override
const String_typetable_name () const override
void set_table_name (const String_type &table_name) override
const String_typecolumn_name () const override
void set_column_name (const String_type &column_name) override
const histograms::Histogramhistogram () const override
void set_histogram (const histograms::Histogram *histogram) override
Entity_object_implimpl () override
const Entity_object_implimpl () const override
Object_id id () const override
 The unique dictionary object id. More...
bool is_persistent () const override
 Is dictionary object persistent in dictionary tables ? More...
const String_typename () const override
void set_name (const String_type &name) override
void debug_print (String_type &outb) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Entity_object_impl
 Entity_object_impl ()
void set_id (Object_id id)
virtual Object_keycreate_primary_key () const override
virtual bool has_new_primary_key () const override
 Indicates that object is guaranteed to have primary key value which doesn't exist in database (e.g. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Weak_object
 Weak_object ()
 Weak_object (const Weak_object &)=default
virtual ~Weak_object ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Weak_object_impl
 Weak_object_impl ()
virtual ~Weak_object_impl ()
virtual bool store (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx)
 Store the DD object into DD table. More...
bool drop (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx) const
 Drop the DD object from DD table. More...
virtual bool restore_children (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *)
virtual bool store_children (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *)
virtual bool drop_children (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Column_statistics
bool update_id_key (Id_key *key) const
bool update_name_key (Name_key *key) const
bool update_aux_key (Aux_key *) const
virtual ~Column_statistics ()
String_type create_name () const
void create_mdl_key (MDL_key *key) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void register_tables (Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Column_statistics
static bool update_id_key (Id_key *key, Object_id id)
static bool update_name_key (Name_key *key, const String_type &name)
static String_type create_name (const String_type &schema_name, const String_type &table_name, const String_type &column_name)
static void create_mdl_key (const String_type &schema_name, const String_type &table_name, const String_type &column_name, MDL_key *key)

Private Member Functions

 Column_statistics_impl (const Column_statistics_impl &column_statistics)
Column_statisticsclone () const override

Private Attributes

String_type m_schema_name
String_type m_table_name
String_type m_column_name
const histograms::Histogramm_histogram

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from dd::Column_statistics
typedef Column_statistics_impl Impl
typedef Column_statistics Cache_partition
typedef tables::Column_statistics DD_table
typedef Primary_id_key Id_key
typedef Item_name_key Name_key
typedef Void_key Aux_key
- Protected Member Functions inherited from dd::Entity_object_impl
virtual void set_primary_key_value (const Raw_new_record &r) override
virtual void fix_has_new_primary_key () override
void restore_id (const Raw_record &r, int field_idx)
void restore_name (const Raw_record &r, int field_idx)
bool store_id (Raw_record *r, int field_idx)
bool store_name (Raw_record *r, int field_idx)
bool store_name (Raw_record *r, int field_idx, bool is_null)
void serialize (Sdi_wcontext *wctx, Sdi_writer *w) const
bool deserialize (Sdi_rcontext *rctx, const RJ_Value &val)
 Entity_object_impl (const Entity_object_impl &src)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from dd::Weak_object_impl
bool check_parent_consistency (Entity_object_impl *parent, Object_id parent_id) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from dd::Column_statistics
MEM_ROOT m_mem_root
 MEM_ROOT on which the histogram data is allocated. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Column_statistics_impl() [1/2]

dd::Column_statistics_impl::Column_statistics_impl ( )

◆ Column_statistics_impl() [2/2]

dd::Column_statistics_impl::Column_statistics_impl ( const Column_statistics_impl column_statistics)

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

Column_statistics* dd::Column_statistics_impl::clone ( ) const

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ column_name()

const String_type& dd::Column_statistics_impl::column_name ( ) const

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ debug_print()

void dd::Column_statistics_impl::debug_print ( String_type outb) const

Implements dd::Weak_object.

◆ deserialize()

bool dd::Column_statistics_impl::deserialize ( Sdi_rcontext rctx,
const RJ_Value val 

Re-establishes the state of *this by reading sdi information from the rapidjson DOM subobject provided.

Cross-references encountered within this object are tracked in sdictx, so that they can be updated when the entire object graph has been established.

rctxstores book-keeping information for the deserialization process
valsubobject of rapidjson DOM containing json representation of this object

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ histogram()

const histograms::Histogram* dd::Column_statistics_impl::histogram ( ) const

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ id()

Object_id dd::Column_statistics_impl::id ( ) const

The unique dictionary object id.

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ impl() [1/2]

Entity_object_impl* dd::Column_statistics_impl::impl ( )

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ impl() [2/2]

const Entity_object_impl* dd::Column_statistics_impl::impl ( ) const

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ is_persistent()

bool dd::Column_statistics_impl::is_persistent ( ) const

Is dictionary object persistent in dictionary tables ?

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ name()

const String_type& dd::Column_statistics_impl::name ( ) const

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ object_table()

const Object_table & dd::Column_statistics_impl::object_table ( ) const

Implements dd::Weak_object_impl.

◆ register_tables()

void dd::Column_statistics_impl::register_tables ( Open_dictionary_tables_ctx otx)

◆ restore_attributes()

bool dd::Column_statistics_impl::restore_attributes ( const Raw_record r)

Implements dd::Weak_object_impl.

◆ schema_name()

const String_type& dd::Column_statistics_impl::schema_name ( ) const

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ serialize()

void dd::Column_statistics_impl::serialize ( Sdi_wcontext wctx,
Sdi_writer w 
) const

Converts *this into json.

Converts all member variables that are to be included in the sdi into json by transforming them appropriately and passing them to the rapidjson writer provided.

wctxopaque context for data needed by serialization
wrapidjson writer which will perform conversion to json

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ set_column_name()

void dd::Column_statistics_impl::set_column_name ( const String_type column_name)

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ set_histogram()

void dd::Column_statistics_impl::set_histogram ( const histograms::Histogram histogram)

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ set_name()

void dd::Column_statistics_impl::set_name ( const String_type name)

Reimplemented from dd::Entity_object_impl.

◆ set_schema_name()

void dd::Column_statistics_impl::set_schema_name ( const String_type schema_name)

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ set_table_name()

void dd::Column_statistics_impl::set_table_name ( const String_type table_name)

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ store_attributes()

bool dd::Column_statistics_impl::store_attributes ( Raw_record r)

Implements dd::Weak_object_impl.

◆ table_name()

const String_type& dd::Column_statistics_impl::table_name ( ) const

Implements dd::Column_statistics.

◆ validate()

bool dd::Column_statistics_impl::validate ( ) const

Implements dd::Weak_object_impl.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_column_name

String_type dd::Column_statistics_impl::m_column_name

◆ m_histogram

const histograms::Histogram* dd::Column_statistics_impl::m_histogram

◆ m_schema_name

String_type dd::Column_statistics_impl::m_schema_name

◆ m_table_name

String_type dd::Column_statistics_impl::m_table_name

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