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dd::Charset Class Referenceabstract

#include <charset.h>

Inheritance diagram for dd::Charset:
dd::Entity_object dd::Weak_object dd::Charset_impl

Public Types

typedef Charset_impl Impl
typedef Charset Cache_partition
typedef tables::Character_sets DD_table
typedef Primary_id_key Id_key
typedef Global_name_key Name_key
typedef Void_key Aux_key

Public Member Functions

virtual bool update_id_key (Id_key *key) const
virtual bool update_name_key (Name_key *key) const
virtual bool update_aux_key (Aux_key *) const
virtual Object_id default_collation_id () const =0
virtual void set_default_collation_id (Object_id default_collation_id)=0
virtual uint mb_max_length () const =0
virtual const String_typecomment () const =0
virtual Charsetclone () const =0
 Allocate a new object and invoke the copy contructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Entity_object
virtual Object_id id () const =0
 The unique dictionary object id. More...
virtual bool is_persistent () const =0
 Is dictionary object persistent in dictionary tables ? More...
virtual const String_typename () const =0
virtual void set_name (const String_type &name)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Weak_object
virtual void debug_print (String_type &outb) const =0
 Weak_object ()
 Weak_object (const Weak_object &)=default
virtual ~Weak_object ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool update_id_key (Id_key *key, Object_id id)
static bool update_name_key (Name_key *key, const String_type &name)

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Aux_key

◆ Cache_partition

◆ DD_table

◆ Id_key

◆ Impl

◆ Name_key

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

virtual Charset* dd::Charset::clone ( ) const
pure virtual

Allocate a new object and invoke the copy contructor.

pointer to dynamically allocated copy

Implemented in dd::Charset_impl.

◆ comment()

virtual const String_type& dd::Charset::comment ( ) const
pure virtual

Implemented in dd::Charset_impl.

◆ default_collation_id()

virtual Object_id dd::Charset::default_collation_id ( ) const
pure virtual

Implemented in dd::Charset_impl.

◆ mb_max_length()

virtual uint dd::Charset::mb_max_length ( ) const
pure virtual

Implemented in dd::Charset_impl.

◆ set_default_collation_id()

virtual void dd::Charset::set_default_collation_id ( Object_id  default_collation_id)
pure virtual

Implemented in dd::Charset_impl.

◆ update_aux_key()

virtual bool dd::Charset::update_aux_key ( Aux_key ) const

◆ update_id_key() [1/2]

virtual bool dd::Charset::update_id_key ( Id_key key) const

◆ update_id_key() [2/2]

bool dd::Charset::update_id_key ( Id_key key,
Object_id  id 

◆ update_name_key() [1/2]

virtual bool dd::Charset::update_name_key ( Name_key key) const

◆ update_name_key() [2/2]

bool dd::Charset::update_name_key ( Name_key key,
const String_type name 

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