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anonymous_namespace{}::Internal_function_factory< Instantiator_fn > Class Template Reference

Factory for internal functions that should be invoked from the system views only. More...

Inheritance diagram for anonymous_namespace{}::Internal_function_factory< Instantiator_fn >:

Public Member Functions

Itemcreate_func (THD *thd, LEX_STRING function_name, PT_item_list *item_list) override
 The builder create method. More...

Static Public Attributes

static Internal_function_factory< Instantiator_fn > s_singleton

Private Member Functions

 Internal_function_factory ()=default

Private Attributes

Instantiator_fn m_instantiator

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Create_func
 Create_func ()=default
virtual ~Create_func ()=default

Detailed Description

template<typename Instantiator_fn>
class anonymous_namespace{}::Internal_function_factory< Instantiator_fn >

Factory for internal functions that should be invoked from the system views only.

Template Parameters
Instantiator_fnSee Function_factory.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Internal_function_factory()

template<typename Instantiator_fn >
anonymous_namespace{}::Internal_function_factory< Instantiator_fn >::Internal_function_factory ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ create_func()

template<typename Instantiator_fn >
Item * anonymous_namespace{}::Internal_function_factory< Instantiator_fn >::create_func ( THD thd,
PT_item_list item_list 

The builder create method.

Given the function name and list or arguments, this method creates an Item that represents the function call. In case or errors, a NULL item is returned, and an error is reported. Note that the thd object may be modified by the builder. In particular, the following members/methods can be set/called, depending on the function called and the function possible side effects.

  • thd->lex->binlog_row_based_if_mixed
  • thd->lex->current_context()
  • thd->lex->safe_to_cache_query
  • thd->lex->uncacheable(UNCACHEABLE_SIDEEFFECT)
  • thd->lex->uncacheable(UNCACHEABLE_RAND)
  • thd->lex->add_time_zone_tables_to_query_tables(thd)
thdThe current thread
nameThe function name
item_listThe list of arguments to the function, can be NULL
An item representing the parsed function call, or NULL

Implements Create_func.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_instantiator

template<typename Instantiator_fn >
Instantiator_fn anonymous_namespace{}::Internal_function_factory< Instantiator_fn >::m_instantiator

◆ s_singleton

template<typename Instantiator_fn >
Internal_function_factory< Instantiator_fn > anonymous_namespace{}::Internal_function_factory< Instantiator_fn >::s_singleton

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