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Status_variable Class Reference

Status variable derived from SHOW_VAR. More...

#include <pfs_variable.h>

Public Member Functions

 Status_variable ()
 Status_variable (const SHOW_VAR *show_var, System_status_var *status_array, enum_var_type query_scope)
 CLASS Status_variable. More...
bool is_null () const

Public Attributes

const char * m_name
size_t m_name_length
char m_value_str [SHOW_VAR_FUNC_BUFF_SIZE+1]
size_t m_value_length
SHOW_TYPE m_type
SHOW_SCOPE m_scope
const CHARSET_INFOm_charset

Private Member Functions

void init (const SHOW_VAR *show_var, System_status_var *status_array, enum_var_type query_scope)
 Resolve status value, convert to string. More...

Private Attributes

bool m_initialized

Detailed Description

Status variable derived from SHOW_VAR.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Status_variable() [1/2]

Status_variable::Status_variable ( )

◆ Status_variable() [2/2]

Status_variable::Status_variable ( const SHOW_VAR show_var,
System_status_var status_array,
enum_var_type  query_scope 

CLASS Status_variable.

Member Function Documentation

◆ init()

void Status_variable::init ( const SHOW_VAR show_var,
System_status_var status_vars,
enum_var_type  query_scope 

Resolve status value, convert to string.

show_var->value is an offset into status_vars. NOTE: Assumes LOCK_status is held.

◆ is_null()

bool Status_variable::is_null ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_charset

const CHARSET_INFO* Status_variable::m_charset

◆ m_initialized

bool Status_variable::m_initialized

◆ m_name

const char* Status_variable::m_name

◆ m_name_length

size_t Status_variable::m_name_length

◆ m_scope

SHOW_SCOPE Status_variable::m_scope

◆ m_type

SHOW_TYPE Status_variable::m_type

◆ m_value_length

size_t Status_variable::m_value_length

◆ m_value_str

char Status_variable::m_value_str[SHOW_VAR_FUNC_BUFF_SIZE+1]

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