MySQL 8.3.0
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Multi_option Class Reference

Class for handling multiple options like e.g. More...

#include <multi_option.h>

Public Member Functions

constexpr Multi_option ()
 Constaexpr constructor. More...
void add_value (char *value, bool clear)
 Adds option value to the container. More...
void set_mysql_options (MYSQL *mysql, mysql_option option)
 Sets options to MYSQL structure. More...
void free ()
 Free the commands. More...

Private Types

using Multi_option_container = Prealloced_array< char *, 5 >
 Type of the internal container. More...

Private Attributes

 The internal container with values. More...

Detailed Description

Class for handling multiple options like e.g.

–init-command, –init-command-add

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Multi_option_container

Type of the internal container.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Multi_option()

constexpr Multi_option::Multi_option ( )

Constaexpr constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_value()

void Multi_option::add_value ( char *  value,
bool  clear 

Adds option value to the container.

value[in]: value of the option
clear[in]: if true the container will be cleared before adding the command

◆ free()

void Multi_option::free ( )

Free the commands.

◆ set_mysql_options()

void Multi_option::set_mysql_options ( MYSQL mysql,
mysql_option  option 

Sets options to MYSQL structure.

mysql[in, out]: pointer to MYSQL structure to be augmented with the option
option[in]: option to be set

Member Data Documentation

◆ option_values

Multi_option_container* Multi_option::option_values

The internal container with values.

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