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Log_resource_mi_wrapper Class Reference

This is the Log_resource to handle Master_info resources. More...

#include <log_resource.h>

Inheritance diagram for Log_resource_mi_wrapper:

Public Member Functions

 Log_resource_mi_wrapper (Master_info *mi_arg, Json_dom *json_arg)
 Log_resource_mi_wrapper constructor. More...
void lock () override
 Lock the resource avoiding updates. More...
void unlock () override
 Unlock the resource allowing updates. More...
bool collect_info () override
 Collect resource log information. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Log_resource
 Log_resource (Json_dom *json_arg)
 Log_resource constructor. More...
virtual ~Log_resource ()
 Destructor. More...
Json_domget_json ()
 Return the pointer to the JSON object that should be used to fill the resource log information. More...

Private Attributes

Master_infomi = nullptr

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Log_resource
static int dummy_function_to_ensure_we_are_linked_into_the_server ()
 There must be one function of this kind in order for the symbols in the server's dynamic library to be visible to plugins. More...

Detailed Description

This is the Log_resource to handle Master_info resources.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Log_resource_mi_wrapper()

Log_resource_mi_wrapper::Log_resource_mi_wrapper ( Master_info mi_arg,
Json_dom json_arg 

Log_resource_mi_wrapper constructor.

[in]mi_argthe pointer to the Master_info object resource.
[in]json_argthe pointer to the JSON object to be populated with the resource log information.

Member Function Documentation

◆ collect_info()

bool Log_resource_mi_wrapper::collect_info ( )

Collect resource log information.

false on success. true if there was an error collecting the information.

Implements Log_resource.

◆ lock()

void Log_resource_mi_wrapper::lock ( )

Lock the resource avoiding updates.

Implements Log_resource.

◆ unlock()

void Log_resource_mi_wrapper::unlock ( )

Unlock the resource allowing updates.

Implements Log_resource.

Member Data Documentation

◆ mi

Master_info* Log_resource_mi_wrapper::mi = nullptr

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