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LO_rwlock_class Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for LO_rwlock_class:

Public Member Functions

 ~LO_rwlock_class () override
unsigned int get_unified_key () const override
LO_nodeget_state_node_by_name (const char *name) const override
LO_nodeget_operation_node_by_name (bool recursive, const char *state, const char *operation) const override
virtual LO_nodeget_state_node (PSI_rwlock_operation state) const =0
virtual LO_nodeget_operation_node (bool recursive, PSI_rwlock_operation state, PSI_rwlock_operation op) const =0
virtual const char * get_operation_name (PSI_rwlock_operation op) const =0
void add_to_graph (LO_graph *g) const override=0
virtual LO_rwlockbuild_instance ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from LO_class
 LO_class (const char *prefix, const char *category, const char *name)
virtual ~LO_class ()=default
virtual const char * get_qname () const
unsigned int get_key () const
unsigned int get_chain_key () const
void set_chain_key (unsigned int chain)
bool has_trace () const
bool has_debug () const
void set_trace ()
void set_debug ()

Static Public Member Functions

static LO_rwlock_classfind_by_key (int key)
static LO_rwlock_classfind_by_name (const char *category, const char *name, int flags)
static LO_rwlock_classfind_by_qname (const char *qname)
static LO_rwlock_classcreate (const char *category, const char *name, int flags)
static void destroy_all ()
static bool get_state_by_name (const char *name, PSI_rwlock_operation *state)
static bool get_operation_by_name (const char *name, PSI_rwlock_operation *op)

Protected Member Functions

 LO_rwlock_class (const char *prefix, const char *category, const char *name, int flags)

Static Private Attributes

static unsigned int m_counter = 0
static LO_rwlock_classm_array [LO_MAX_RWLOCK_CLASS]

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from LO_class
unsigned int m_key
unsigned int m_chain_key
char m_class_name [LO_MAX_QNAME_LENGTH]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~LO_rwlock_class()

LO_rwlock_class::~LO_rwlock_class ( )

◆ LO_rwlock_class()

LO_rwlock_class::LO_rwlock_class ( const char *  prefix,
const char *  category,
const char *  name,
int  flags 

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_to_graph()

void LO_rwlock_class::add_to_graph ( LO_graph g) const
overridepure virtual

◆ build_instance()

virtual LO_rwlock * LO_rwlock_class::build_instance ( )
pure virtual

◆ create()

LO_rwlock_class * LO_rwlock_class::create ( const char *  category,
const char *  name,
int  flags 

◆ destroy_all()

void LO_rwlock_class::destroy_all ( )

◆ find_by_key()

LO_rwlock_class * LO_rwlock_class::find_by_key ( int  key)

◆ find_by_name()

LO_rwlock_class * LO_rwlock_class::find_by_name ( const char *  category,
const char *  name,
int  flags 

◆ find_by_qname()

LO_rwlock_class * LO_rwlock_class::find_by_qname ( const char *  qname)

◆ get_operation_by_name()

bool LO_rwlock_class::get_operation_by_name ( const char *  name,
PSI_rwlock_operation op 

◆ get_operation_name()

virtual const char * LO_rwlock_class::get_operation_name ( PSI_rwlock_operation  op) const
pure virtual

◆ get_operation_node()

virtual LO_node * LO_rwlock_class::get_operation_node ( bool  recursive,
PSI_rwlock_operation  state,
PSI_rwlock_operation  op 
) const
pure virtual

◆ get_operation_node_by_name()

LO_node * LO_rwlock_class::get_operation_node_by_name ( bool  recursive,
const char *  state,
const char *  operation 
) const

Implements LO_class.

◆ get_state_by_name()

bool LO_rwlock_class::get_state_by_name ( const char *  name,
PSI_rwlock_operation state 

◆ get_state_node()

virtual LO_node * LO_rwlock_class::get_state_node ( PSI_rwlock_operation  state) const
pure virtual

◆ get_state_node_by_name()

LO_node * LO_rwlock_class::get_state_node_by_name ( const char *  name) const

Implements LO_class.

◆ get_unified_key()

unsigned int LO_rwlock_class::get_unified_key ( ) const

Implements LO_class.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_array

LO_rwlock_class * LO_rwlock_class::m_array

◆ m_counter

unsigned int LO_rwlock_class::m_counter = 0

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