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Item_name_string Class Reference

Storage for Item names. More...

#include <item.h>

Inheritance diagram for Item_name_string:
Name_string Simple_cstring

Public Member Functions

 Item_name_string ()
 Item_name_string (const Name_string name)
void set_autogenerated (bool is_autogenerated)
 Set m_is_autogenerated flag to the given value. More...
bool is_autogenerated () const
 Return the auto-generated flag. More...
void copy (const char *str_arg, size_t length_arg, const CHARSET_INFO *cs_arg, bool is_autogenerated_arg)
 Copy name together with autogenerated flag. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Name_string
 Name_string ()
 Name_string (const char *str, size_t length)
 Name_string (const LEX_STRING str)
 Name_string (const LEX_CSTRING str)
 Name_string (const char *str, size_t length, bool is_null_terminated)
 Name_string (const LEX_STRING str, bool is_null_terminated)
void copy (const char *str, size_t length, const CHARSET_INFO *cs)
 Allocate space using sql_strmake() or sql_strmake_with_convert(). More...
void copy (const char *str, size_t length)
 Variants for copy(), for various argument combinations. More...
void copy (const char *str)
void copy (const LEX_STRING lex)
void copy (const LEX_STRING *lex)
void copy (const Name_string str)
bool eq (const char *str) const
 Compare name to another name in C string, case insensitively. More...
bool eq_safe (const char *str) const
bool eq (const Name_string name) const
 Compare name to another name in Name_string, case insensitively. More...
bool eq_safe (const Name_string name) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Simple_cstring
void set (const char *str_arg, size_t length_arg)
 Initialize from a C string whose length is already known. More...
 Simple_cstring ()
 Simple_cstring (const char *str_arg, size_t length_arg)
 Simple_cstring (const LEX_STRING arg)
 Simple_cstring (const LEX_CSTRING arg)
void reset ()
void set (const char *str)
 Set to a null-terminated string. More...
const char * ptr () const
 Return string buffer. More...
bool is_set () const
 Check if m_ptr is set. More...
size_t length () const
 Return name length. More...
bool eq_bin (const Simple_cstring other) const
 Compare to another Simple_cstring. More...
void strcpy (char *buff) const
 Copy to the given buffer. More...

Private Attributes

bool m_is_autogenerated

Detailed Description

Storage for Item names.

Adds "autogenerated" flag and warning functionality to Name_string.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Item_name_string() [1/2]

Item_name_string::Item_name_string ( )

◆ Item_name_string() [2/2]

Item_name_string::Item_name_string ( const Name_string  name)

Member Function Documentation

◆ copy()

void Item_name_string::copy ( const char *  str_arg,
size_t  length_arg,
const CHARSET_INFO cs_arg,
bool  is_autogenerated_arg 

Copy name together with autogenerated flag.

Produce a warning if name was cut.

◆ is_autogenerated()

bool Item_name_string::is_autogenerated ( ) const

Return the auto-generated flag.

◆ set_autogenerated()

void Item_name_string::set_autogenerated ( bool  is_autogenerated)

Set m_is_autogenerated flag to the given value.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_is_autogenerated

bool Item_name_string::m_is_autogenerated

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