MySQL 8.0.32
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Country_record Class Reference

#include <pfs_example_country.h>

Public Attributes

char name [COUNTRY_NAME_LEN]
unsigned int name_length
char continent_name [CONTINENT_NAME_LEN]
unsigned int continent_name_length
PSI_year year
PSI_bigint population
PSI_double growth_factor
bool m_exist

Member Data Documentation

◆ continent_name

char Country_record::continent_name[CONTINENT_NAME_LEN]

◆ continent_name_length

unsigned int Country_record::continent_name_length

◆ growth_factor

PSI_double Country_record::growth_factor

◆ m_exist

bool Country_record::m_exist

◆ name

char Country_record::name[COUNTRY_NAME_LEN]

◆ name_length

unsigned int Country_record::name_length

◆ population

PSI_bigint Country_record::population

◆ year

PSI_year Country_record::year

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