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A.1.38 The zlib Directory

Data compression library, used on Windows.

zlib is a data compression library used to support the compressed protocol and the COMPRESS/UNCOMPRESS functions under Windows. On Unix, MySQL uses the system libgz.a library for this purpose.

Zlib --- which presumably stands for "Zip Library" --- is not a MySQL package. It was produced by the GNU Zip ( people. Zlib is a variation of the famous "Lempel-Ziv" method, which is also used by "Zip". The method for reducing the size of any arbitrary string of bytes is as follows:

  • Find a substring which occurs twice in the string.

  • Replace the second occurrence of the substring with (a) a pointer to the first occurrence, plus (b) an indication of the length of the first occurrence.

There is a full description of the library's functions in the gzip manual at There is therefore no need to list the modules in this document.

The MySQL program \mysys\my_compress.c uses zlib for packet compression. The client sends messages to the server which are compressed by zlib. See also: \sql\