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A.1.36 The VC++Files Directory

Visual C++ Files.

Includes this entire directory, repeated for VC++ (Windows) use.

VC++Files includes a complete environment to compile MySQL with the VC++ compiler. To use it, just copy the files on this directory; the script uses these files to create a Windows source installation.

This directory has subdirectories which are copies of the main directories. For example, there is a subdirectory \VC++Files\heap, which has the Microsoft developer studio project file to compile \heap with VC++. So for a description of the files in \VC++Files\heap, see the description of the files in \heap. The same applies for almost all of VC++Files's subdirectories (bdb, client, isam, libmysql, etc.). The difference is that the \VC++Files variants are specifically for compilation with Microsoft Visual C++ in 32-bit Windows environments.

In addition to the "subdirectories which are duplicates of directories", VC++Files contains these subdirectories, which are not duplicates:

  • comp_err --- (nearly empty)

  • contrib --- (nearly empty)

  • InstallShield --- script files

  • isamchk --- (nearly empty)

  • libmysqltest --- one small non-MySQL test program: mytest.c

  • myisamchk --- (nearly empty)

  • myisamlog --- (nearly empty)

  • myisammrg --- (nearly empty)

  • mysqlbinlog --- (nearly empty)

  • mysqlmanager --- MFC foundation class files created by AppWizard

  • mysqlserver --- (nearly empty)

  • mysqlshutdown --- one short program, mysqlshutdown.c

  • mysqlwatch.c --- Windows service initialization and monitoring

  • my_print_defaults --- (nearly empty)

  • pack_isam --- (nearly empty)

  • perror --- (nearly empty)

  • prepare --- (nearly empty)

  • replace --- (nearly empty)

  • SCCS --- source code control system

  • test1 --- tests connecting via X threads

  • thr_insert_test --- (nearly empty)

  • thr_test --- one short program used to test for memory-allocation bug

  • winmysqladmin --- the winmysqladmin.exe source

The "nearly empty" subdirectories noted above (for example, comp_err and isamchk) are needed because VC++ requires one directory per project (that is, executable). We are trying to keep to the MySQL standard source layout and compile only to different directories.

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