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The first event used in Row Based Replication declares how a table that is about to be changed is defined.


The TABLE_MAP_EVENT defines the structure if the tables that are about to be changed.

    if post_header_len == 6 {
  4              table id
    } else {
  6              table id
  2              flags

  1              schema name length
  string         schema name
  1              [00]
  1              table name length
  string         table name
  1              [00]
  lenenc-int     column-count
  string.var_len [length=$column-count] column-def
  lenenc-str     column-meta-def
  n              NULL-bitmask, length: (column-count + 8) / 7
  • table_id (6) -- numeric table id

  • flags (2) -- flags

  • schema_name_length (1) -- length of the schema name

  • schema_name (string.var_len) -- [len=schema_name_length] schema name

  • table_name_length (1) -- length of the schema name

  • table_name (string.var_len) -- [len=table_name_length] table name

  • column_count (lenenc_int) -- number of columns in the table map

  • column_type_def (string.var_len) -- [len=column_count] array of column definitions, one byte per field type

  • column_meta_def (lenenc_str) -- array of metainfo per column, length is the overall length of the metainfo-array in bytes, the length of each metainfo field is dependent on the columns field type

  • null_bitmap (string.var_len) -- [len=(column_count + 8) / 7]


the column definitions. It is sent as length encoded string where the length of the string is the number of columns and each byte of it is the Protocol::ColumnType of the column.


type-specific metadata for each column


due to Bug37426 layout of the string metadata is a bit tightly packed:

1              byte0
1              byte1

The two bytes encode type and length


a bitmask contained a bit set for each column that can be NULL. The column-length is taken from the column-def

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  Posted by Florent Guiliani on October 25, 2013
NULL-bitmask, length: (column-count + 8) / 7
shall be read:
NULL-bitmask, length: (column-count + 7) / 8