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4.6.3 Storage Engine Options

Storage engines are plugins, so the options that control plugin building specify which storage engines to build.

The --with-plugins configure option accepts two constructs that have no direct equivalent in CMake:

  • --with-plugins accepts a comma-separated list of engine names

  • --with-plugins accepts a group name value that is shorthand for a set of engines

With CMake, engines are controlled with individual options.

Suppose that the configure option is:


This builds the named engines as static plugins that are compiled into the server and need not be installed explicitly.

To convert this for CMake, omit these engine names because they are mandatory (always compiled in):

csv myisam myisammrg heap

Then use these options to enable the InnoDB, ARCHIVE, and BLACKHOLE engines:


You can also use ON rather than 1 as the option value.

If you used --without-plugin-engine in configure to exclude a storage engine from the build, use -DWITHOUT_ENGINE_STORAGE_ENGINE in CMake.



If neither -DWITH_ENGINE_STORAGE_ENGINE nor -DWITHOUT_ENGINE_STORAGE_ENGINE is specified for a given storage engine, the engine is built as a shared module, or excluded if it cannot be built as a shared module. A shared module must be installed using the INSTALL PLUGIN statement or the --plugin-load option before it can be used.

For additional information about CMake options for plugins, see Chapter 5, Plugins.