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A.1.29 The sql-bench Directory

The MySQL Benchmarks.

This directory has the programs and input files which MySQL uses for its comparisons of MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL, Solid, etc. Since MySQL publishes the comparative results, it's only right that it should make available all the material necessary to reproduce all the tests.

There are five subdirectories and sub-subdirectories:

  • \Comments --- Comments about results from tests of Access, Adabas, etc.

  • \Data\ATIS --- .txt files containing input data for the "ATIS" tests

  • \Data\Wisconsin --- .txt files containing input data for the "Wisconsin" tests

  • \Results --- old test results

  • \Results-win32 --- old test results from Windows 32-bit tests

There are twenty-four *.sh (shell script) files, which involve Perl programs.

There are three *.bat (batch) files.

There is one README file and one TODO file.