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A.1.26 The scripts Directory

SQL batches, for example, mysqlbug and mysql_install_db.

The *.sh filename extension stands for "shell script". Linux programmers use it where Windows programmers would use a *.bat (batch filename extension).

Some of the *.sh files on this directory are:

  • --- Create help-information tables and insert

  • --- Get configure information, make, produce tar

  • --- Convert (partly) mSQL programs and scripts to MySQL

  • --- Create a bug report and mail it

  • --- Start/stop any number of mysqld instances

  • --- Start/restart in safe mode

  • --- Start/restart in safe mode

  • --- Parse and summarize the slow query log

  • --- Hot backup

  • --- Get configuration information that might be needed to compile a client

  • --- Conversion, for example, from ISAM to MyISAM

  • --- Put a log (made with --log) into a MySQL table

  • --- Search for queries containing <regexp>

  • --- Renames some file extensions, not recommended

  • --- Fix mysql.user etc. when upgrading. Can be safely run during any upgrade to get the newest MySQL privilege tables

  • --- Create privilege tables and func table

  • --- Disallow remote root login, eliminate test, etc.

  • --- Aid to add users or databases, sets privileges

  • --- Puts info re MySQL tables into a MySQL table

  • --- Kill processes that match pattern