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23.18.21 rnd_init


Initializes a handler for table scanning.


virtual int rnd_init (scan);


scan ;


This is the rnd_init method.

rnd_init() is called when the system wants the storage engine to do a table scan.

Unlike index_init(), rnd_init() can be called two times without rnd_end() in between (it only makes sense if scan=1). then the second call should prepare for the new table scan (e.g if rnd_init allocates the cursor, second call should position it to the start of the table, no need to deallocate and allocate it again

Called from,,,,, and


  • scan

Return Values

There are no return values.


This example is from the CSV storage engine:

int ha_tina::rnd_init(bool scan)

  current_position= next_position= 0;
  records= 0;
  chain_ptr= chain;

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