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19.1 Chapter Organization

We distinguish between two levels of the architecture: principles, and rules:


High-level goal that declares how the program shall work, from an external point of view. Principles do not discuss how the code works. An example of a principle is "no row events shall be written to the binlog if binlog_format=statement".


Defines how to implement the principles. Rules can be formulated on a very high level, but they describe implementation (how the code works from the inside) rather than interface (how the program behaves when looking from the outside). An example of a rule is "at ROLLBACK when the transaction cache only contains updates to transactional tables, clear the transaction cache and do not write to the binlog".

In the next section, we list the source code files used by replication and describe what each file contains. The section after describes the replication principles and the following section describes the replication rules. The last section contains very old, obsolete documentation. It will be removed after we have verified that anything useful has been transferred to the main sections.