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If CLIENT_PROTOCOL_41 is enabled, the EOF packet contains a warning count and status flags.


In the MySQL client/server protocol, EOF and OK packets serve the same purpose, to mark the end of a query execution result. Due to changes in MySQL 5.7 in the OK packet (such as session state tracking), and to avoid repeating the changes in the EOF packet, the EOF packet is deprecated as of MySQL 5.7.5.


The EOF packet may appear in places where a Protocol::LengthEncodedInteger may appear. You must check whether the packet length is less than 9 to make sure that it is a EOF packet.

Type Name Description
int<1> header [fe] EOF header
if capabilities & CLIENT_PROTOCOL_41 {
  int<2> warnings number of warnings
  int<2> status_flags Status Flags

A MySQL 4.1 EOF packet with: 0 warnings, AUTOCOMMIT enabled.

05 00 00 05 fe 00 00 02 00

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