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A.1.20 The netware Directory

Files related to the Novell NetWare version of MySQL.

There are 43 files on this directory. Most have filename extensions of *.def, *.sql, or *.c.

The twenty-eight *.def files are all from Novell Inc. They contain import or export symbols. (.def is a common filename extension for "definition".)

The three *.sql files are short scripts of SQL statements used in testing.

These are the five *.c files, all from Novell Inc.:

  • libmysqlmain.c --- Only one function: init_available_charsets()

  • my_manage.c --- Standalone management utility

  • mysql_install_db.c --- Compare \scripts\

  • mysql_test_run.c --- Short test program

  • mysqld_safe.c --- Compare \scripts\

Perhaps the most important files are:

  • netware/BUILD/*patch --- NetWare-specific build instructions and switches (compare the files in the BUILD directory)

For instructions about basic installation, see "Deployment Guide For NetWare AMP" at: