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A.1.19 The ndb Directory

The ndb (MySQL Cluster) source code.

MySQL's shared-nothing in-memory feature is practically a DBMS by itself. We generally use the term "ndb" when referring to the storage engine, and the term "MySQL Cluster" when referring to the combination of the storage engine and the rest of the MySQL facilities.

The sub-directories within ndb are:

  • bin --- Two script files

  • config --- Files needed for building

  • demos --- Demonstration scripts

  • docs --- A doxygen output and a .txt file

  • home --- Some scripts and .pl files

  • include --- The .h files

  • lib --- empty

  • ndbapi-examples --- Examples for the API

  • src --- The .cpp files

  • test --- Files for testing

  • tools --- Programs for testing select, drop, and so on