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A.1.17 The mysql-test Directory

A test suite for mysqld.

The directory has a README file which explains how to run the tests, how to make new tests (in files with the filename extension *.test), and how to report errors.

There are four subdirectories:

  • \misc --- contains one minor Perl program

  • \ndb --- for MySQL Cluster tests

  • \r --- contains *.result, that is, "what happened" files and *.required, that is, "what should happen" file

  • \std_data --- contains standard data for input to tests

  • \t --- contains tests

There are 400 *.test files in the \t subdirectory. Primarily these are SQL scripts which try out a feature, output a result, and compare the result with what's required. Some samples of what the test files check are: latin1_de comparisons, date additions, the HAVING clause, outer joins, openSSL, load data, logging, truncate, and UNION.

There are other tests in these directories:

  • sql-bench

  • tests