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2.1.2 How We Maintain the Server Coding Guidelines

We are committed to have a single coding style for core MySQL server. Storage engines, however, may have an own coding style: Falcon and NDB styles are documented later in this manual.

The server coding style is governed by a group of representatives from each technical team: Optimizer, Runtime, Replication, Backup Engines and the "general" team.

Currently these representatives are:

  • Runtime: Alexander Nozdrin

  • Replication: Mats Kindahl

  • Backup: Chuck Bell

  • Optimizer: Tor Didriksen

  • General: Sergey Vojtovich

The group accepts and considers change proposals. Each proposal must include an implementation strategy, and is first published on Internals mailing list for a public discussion. When the discussion is over, the group of representatives holds a vote, and the change is accepted if it's approved by a simple majority of the ballots. The submitter of the change request then carries out its implementation.

Now to the coding style itself.

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