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The following preliminary rules are actually consequences of the principle that statements shall be correctly logged when binlog_format=MIXED or ROW. They also apply when binlog_format=STATEMENT: this makes statement format work in many practical cases.

(PR-causality) If statement A is executed before statement B, and B is logged in statement format, and B reads tables that A may modifies, then B shall be logged after A.

(PR-durability) Events shall be written to the binary log at the moment they take effect. In particular, changes to N-tables shall be written to the binary log when they have been executed, and changes to T-tables shall be written to the binary log on commit. If --sync-binlog has been specified, then it suffices that events are be written to the binary log at the next synchronization point.

(PR-causality-precedence) If P-causality and P-durability cannot both be fulfilled, then P-causality is considered more important.

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