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dispatch_command (C function), MySQL Server


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Field_year::send_binary (C++ function), Binary Protocol Type Implementation
filesort optimization, How MySQL Does Sorting (filesort)


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mysqld_stmt_close (C function), MySQL Server
mysqld_stmt_execute (C function), MySQL Server
mysqld_stmt_fetch (C function), MySQL Server
mysqld_stmt_prepare (C function), MySQL Server
mysqld_stmt_reset (C function), MySQL Server
Mysqlx.Connection:: (package), Connection
Mysqlx.Connection::Capabilities (message), Connection
Mysqlx.Connection::CapabilitiesGet (message), Connection
Mysqlx.Connection::CapabilitiesSet (message), Connection
Mysqlx.Connection::Capability (message), Connection
Mysqlx.Connection::Close (message), Connection
Mysqlx.Crud:: (package), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::Collection (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::Column (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::Delete (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::Find (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::Insert (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::Limit (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::Order (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::Projection (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::Update (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Crud::UpdateOperation (message), CRUD
Mysqlx.Datatypes:: (package), Data Types
Mysqlx.Datatypes::Any (message), Data Types
Mysqlx.Datatypes::Array (message), Data Types
Mysqlx.Datatypes::Object (message), Data Types
Mysqlx.Datatypes::Scalar (message), Data Types
Mysqlx.Expect:: (package), Expectations
Mysqlx.Expect::Close (message), Expectations
Mysqlx.Expect::Open (message), Expectations
Mysqlx.Expr:: (package), Expressions
Mysqlx.Expr::Array (message), Expressions
Mysqlx.Expr::ColumnIdentifier (message), Expressions
Mysqlx.Expr::DocumentPathItem (message), Expressions
Mysqlx.Expr::Expr (message), Expressions
Mysqlx.Expr::FunctionCall (message), Expressions
Mysqlx.Expr::Identifier (message), Expressions
Mysqlx.Expr::Object (message), Expressions
Mysqlx.Expr::Operator (message), Expressions
Mysqlx.Message (C type), Message Structure
Mysqlx.Notice:: (package), Common Messages
Mysqlx.Notice::Frame (message), Common Messages
Mysqlx.Notice::SessionStateChanged (message), Common Messages
Mysqlx.Notice::SessionVariableChanged (message), Common Messages
Mysqlx.Notice::Warning (message), Common Messages
Mysqlx.Resultset:: (package), Result Sets
Mysqlx.Resultset::ColumnMetaData (message), Result Sets
Mysqlx.Resultset::FetchDone (message), Result Sets
Mysqlx.Resultset::FetchDoneMoreOutParams (message), Result Sets
Mysqlx.Resultset::FetchDoneMoreResultsets (message), Result Sets
Mysqlx.Resultset::Row (message), Result Sets
Mysqlx.Session:: (package), Session
Mysqlx.Session::AuthenticateContinue (message), Session
Mysqlx.Session::AuthenticateOk (message), Session
Mysqlx.Session::AuthenticateStart (message), Session
Mysqlx.Session::Close (message), Session
Mysqlx.Session::Reset (message), Session
Mysqlx.Sql:: (package), SQL
Mysqlx.Sql::StmtExecute (message), SQL
Mysqlx.Sql::StmtExecuteOk (message), SQL
Mysqlx:: (package), Common Messages
Mysqlx::ClientMessages (message), Common Messages
Mysqlx::Error (message), Common Messages
Mysqlx::Ok (message), Common Messages
Mysqlx::ServerMessages (message), Common Messages
mysql_binlog_send (C function), MySQL Server
mysql_stmt_get_longdata (C function), MySQL Server


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filesort, How MySQL Does Sorting (filesort)


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parse_com_change_user_packet (C function), MySQL Server
Protocol::send_result_set_metadata (C++ function), MySQL Server
Protocol_binary::store (C++ function), Binary Protocol Type Implementation
Protocol_binary::store_short (C++ function), Binary Protocol Type Implementation
Protocol_binary::store_time (C++ function), Binary Protocol Type Implementation
Purify, Building Debug Configurations


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RFC; RFC 1951, Compressed Payload
RFC; RFC 2195, MYSQL41 Authentication
RFC; RFC 2743#page-81, SPNEGO
RFC; RFC 4178#page-7, SPNEGO
RFC; RFC 4422, Authentication
RFC; RFC 4422#appendix-A, Authentication
RFC; RFC 4616, Authentication


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send_prep_stmt (C function), MySQL Server
send_server_handshake_packet (C function), MySQL Server
session state information, OK_Packet


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CMake option, Building Debug Configurations
CMake option, Building Debug Configurations

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