1.2.2 Major Directories: client

The next major directory is mysql-5.0/client.

size   name          comment
----   ----          -------
100034 mysql.cc     "The MySQL command tool"
 36913 mysqladmin.c maintenance of MYSQL databases
 22829 mysqlshow.c  show databases, tables, or columns
+ 12 more .c and .cc programs

It has the source code of many of your familiar favorites, like mysql, which everybody has used to connect to the MySQL server at one time or another. There are other utilities too in fact, you'll find the source of most client-side programs here. There are also programs for checking the password, and for testing that basic functions such as threading or access via SSL are possible.

You'll notice, by the way, that we're concentrating on the files that have extension of ".c" or ".cc". By now it's obvious that C is our principal language although there are some utilities written in Perl as well.