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20.4 Generating Browsable Binary Log Information

Source files in the sql directory of a MySQL source tree or source distribution contain comments that can be processed with doxygen to generate HTML files that describe classes, files, and so forth. Those files can be viewed in your Web browser.

To generate the HTML files and view information about the classes related to binary logging, do this:

  1. In your MySQL source tree, change location to the sql directory:

    shell> cd sql

  2. Run doxygen to generate the HTML files. These commands create a subdirectory named html containing the HTML output:

    shell> doxygen -g

    shell> doxygen

  3. To view the top-level index page, load the html/index.html file into your browser.

  4. To view the classes for binary logging, load the html/class_log__event.html page. The Log_event class is the main event class, and the others inherit from Log_event.

The pages also contain links that take you to other related pages. For example, to navigate from index.html to class_log__event.html, click on the Classes tab. On the next page, scroll down to Log_event and click on it.