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A.1.7 The extra Directory

Some minor standalone utility programs.

These programs are all standalone utilities, that is, they have a main() function and their main role is to show information that the MySQL server needs or produces. Most are unimportant. They are as follows:

  • comp_err.c --- makes error-message files from a multi-language source

  • my_print_defaults.c --- print parameters from my.ini files. Can also be used in scripts to enable processing of my.ini files.

  • mysql_waitpid.c --- wait for a program to terminate. Useful for shell scripts when one needs to wait until a process terminates.

  • perror.c --- "print error" --- given error number, display message

  • replace.c --- replace strings in text files or pipe

  • resolve_stack_dump.c --- show symbolic information from a MySQL stack dump, normally found in the mysql.err file

  • resolveip.c --- convert an IP address to a hostname, or vice versa