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20.8.2 Ensuring Compatibility of Future Binary Log Versions

To enable any future binary log formats to be correctly understood, the following conventions must hold:

a) The binary log file must start with a descriptor event

b) The descriptor event must start with a v3 header (19 bytes)

c) The 2 bytes following the header (at position 19) must contain the binary log format version number

With respect to the current formats, only a) holds for v1. However, as indicated earlier, v1-format files can be recognized from the initial event in the file, by a type code of START_EVENT_V3 and an event length less than 75.

The v4 format description event is designed so that it can handle future format updates. A new format with the same layout of event packets as in v4 but with additional fields in the header and post-headers can use this format description event to correctly describe itself. Actually, it is (theoretically) possible to have different "flavors" of v4 format that have different (larger) header lengths and even a different number of events.

The current code is written to handle this possibility. That is, any code that parses a binary log and discovers that it is v4 uses the header lengths as given by the format description event (thus potentially different lengths from the values hard-wired in the server code).

Note: Although headers of events in v4 format can be longer than 19 bytes, the format description event is an exception. Its header is always 19 bytes long to meet the preceding backward compatibility requirements. That is, the FORMAT_DESCRIPTION_EVENT does not include an extra_headers field.