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14.2 Connection Phase

The Connection Phase performs these tasks:

  • exchange the capabilities of client and server

  • setup SSL communication channel if requested

  • authenticate the client against the server

It starts with the client connect()ing to the server which may send a ERR packet and finish the handshake or send a Initial Handshake Packet which the client answers with a Handshake Response Packet. At this stage client can request SSL connection, in which case an SSL communication channel is established before client sends its authentication response.


In case the server sent a ERR packet as first packet it will happen before the client and server negotiated any capabilities. Therefore the ERR packet will not contain the SQL-state.

After initial handshake, server informs client about the method to be used for authentication (unless it was already established during the handshake) and the authentication exchange continues until server either accepts connection by sending an OK_Packet or rejects it with ERR_Packet.