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4.4.2 Configure the Build

In the bld directory, run cmake to configure the build:

  • On Unix machine:

    cmake ..
  • On Windows machine, to build with VS2010 and x64:

    cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 10 2010 Win64"
  • On OS X, to use the Xcode IDE:

    cmake .. -G Xcode

You can add configuration options to the cmake command line (for option descriptions, see MySQL Source-Configuration Options). For example:


When invoked, CMake runs system checks and generates Makefiles. CMake permits the configuration process to be iterative, so you can add more options after the initial configuration has been performed. For example, running the following command after the initial configuration step adds ARCHIVE to the list of statically compiled storage engines:


System checks do not rerun after the initial configuration completes.