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5.2 CMake Macro to Define the Plugin

To define a plugin, you need to add the MYSQL_ADD_PLUGIN() macro into CMakeList.txt. Unlike in 5.1, there is no special script. If you need to perform system checks, use standard CMake techniques like CHECK_FUNCTION_EXISTS or CHECK_INCLUDE_FILE etc.

Note: There is NO autoheader-functionality. For example, CHECK_FUNCTION_EXISTS(epoll_wait HAVE_EPOLL_WAIT) will not automagically add "#define HAVE_EPOLL_WAIT 1" in config.h. Different plugins might chose different strategies to add plugin-specific defines

  • Strategy 1 - use ADD_DEFINITIONS

This is similar to what InnoDB does in 5.5. An example

  • Strategy 2 - use own header template

It is more work than in Strategy 1 but result is a cleaner solution:

1) You need to have plugin specific <plugin> with content similar to

 #cmakedefine HAVE_EPOLL_WAIT
#cmakedefine HAVE_EPOLL_CTL

2) In CMakeLists.txt, add system checks


After all system checks, add

CONFIGURE_FILE( plugin_config.h)

3) use #include "plugin_config.h" in your source files

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