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A.1.2 The client Directory

Client library.

The client library includes (the source of the mysql executable) and other utilities. Most of the utilities are mentioned in the MySQL Reference Manual. Generally these are standalone C programs which one runs in "client mode", that is, they call the server.

The C program files in the directory are:

  • get_password.c --- ask for a password from the console

  • --- "The MySQL command tool"

  • --- maintenance of MySQL databases

  • mysqlcheck.c --- check all databases, check connect, etc.

  • mysqldump.c --- dump table's contents as SQL statements, suitable to backup a MySQL database

  • mysqlimport.c --- import text files in different formats into tables

  • mysqlmanager-pwgen.c --- pwgen stands for "password generation" (not currently maintained)

  • mysqlmanagerc.c --- entry point for mysql manager (not currently maintained)

  • mysqlshow.c --- show databases, tables or columns

  • mysqltest.c --- test program used by the mysql-test suite, mysql-test-run