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4.4.6 Building With CMake

  • Unix


    By default, a cmake build is less verbose than an Autotools build. To see what commands are executed during the compile stage, use this command:

    make VERBOSE=1
  • Windows (using "Visual Studio 10 2010" generator)

    devenv MySQL.sln /build RelWithDebInfo

    Alternatively, open MySQL.sln and build using the IDE.

  • Mac OS X build with Xcode

    xcodebuild -configuration RelWithDebInfo

    Alternatively, open MySQL.xcodeproj and build using the IDE.

  • Command-line build with CMake 2.8

    After creating the project with cmake as just indicated, issue this command:

    cmake --build .

    This works with any CMake generator.

For Visual Studio and Xcode, you might want to add extra configuration options, to avoid building all configurations.

cmake --build . --config RelWithDebInfo

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