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14.9.3 Binlog Version

Depending on the MySQL Version that created the binlog the format is slightly different. Four versions are currently known:

Table 14.5 Binlog Versions

Binlog version

MySQL Version


MySQL 3.23 - < 4.0.0


MySQL 4.0.0 - 4.0.1


MySQL 4.0.2 - < 5.0.0


MySQL 5.0.0+

Version 1

supported statement based replication events

Version 2

can be ignored as it was only used in early alpha versions of MySQL 4.1.x and won't be documented here

Version 3

added the relay logs and changed the meaning of the log position

Version 4

added the FORMAT_DESCRIPTION_EVENT and made the protocol extensible

In MySQL 5.1.x the Row Based Replication Events were added.

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