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14.9.2 Binlog Network Stream

Network streams are requested with COM_BINLOG_DUMP and prepend each Binlog Event with 00 OK-byte.

User Comments
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  Posted by Todd Eisenberger on August 30, 2013
For at least MySQL 5.5.31 (but I believe at least since 5.1):

The network stream will also contain fake rotation events. These will be inserted at the beginning of the stream and before any real rotation event. To keep this brief, if you are curious as to why that is the case, you should read the comments around any call site of "fake_rotate_event" in sql/

The fake rotation events have the following properties:
1) The timestamp field in the header is set to 0. This is explicitly documented in the source to be the case so that slaves can distinguish between real and fake rotate events
2) The next_position field in the header is set to 0.
3) The flags field has the LOG_EVENT_ARTIFICIAL_F flag set.