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14.9.4 Binlog Event

The events contain the actual data that should be shipped from the master to the slave. Depending on the use, different events are sent.

Binlog Management

The first event is either a START_EVENT_V3 or a FORMAT_DESCRIPTION_EVENT while the last event is either a STOP_EVENT or a ROTATE_EVENT.

Statement Based Replication Events

Statement Based Replication or SBR sends the SQL queries a client sent to the master AS IS to the slave. It needs extra events to mimic the client connection's state on the slave side.

Row Based Replication Events

In Row Based replication the changed rows are sent to the slave which removes side-effects and makes it more reliable. Now all statements can be sent with RBR though. Most of the time you will see RBR and SBR side by side.

LOAD INFILE replication

LOAD DATA|XML INFILE is a special SQL statement as it has to ship the files over to the slave too to execute the statement.

A binlog event starts with a Binlog Event header and is followed by a Binlog Event Type specific data part.