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5.3 Autotools configure Support (MySQL 5.1)

Several configure options apply to plugin selection and building.

configure --help shows the following information pertaining to plugins:

  • The plugin-related options

  • The names of all available plugins

  • For each plugin, a description of its purpose, which build types it supports (static or dynamic), and which plugin groups it is a part of.

The following configure options are used to select or disable plugins:


PLUGIN is an individual plugin name such as csv or archive.

As shorthand, GROUP is a configuration group name such as none (select no plugins), all (select all plugins), or max (select all plugins used in a mysqld-max server).

--with-plugins can take a list of one or more plugin names separated by commas, or a plugin group name. The named plugins are configured to be built as static plugins.

--with-plugin-PLUGIN configures the given plugin to be built as a static plugin.

--without-plugin-PLUGIN disables the given plugin from being built.

If a plugin is named both with a --with and --without option, the result is undefined.

For any plugin that is not explicitly or implicitly (as a member of a selected group) selected or disabled, it is selected to be built dynamically if it supports dynamic build, and is disabled if it does not support dynamic build. If no plugin options are given, default group is selected.