MySQL Shell API  8.0.17
Unified development interface for MySQL Products
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 Encloses the functions and classes available to interact with a MySQL Server using the traditional MySQL Protocol.
 Global object that groups miscellaneous tools like upgrade checker and JSON import.


class  ClassicResult
 Allows browsing through the result information after performing an operation on the database through the MySQL Protocol. More...
class  ClassicSession
 Enables interaction with a MySQL Server using the MySQL Protocol. More...
class  Shell
 Gives access to general purpose functions and properties. More...
class  Options
class  Reports
 Gives access to built-in and user-defined reports. More...
class  Sys
 Gives access to system specific parameters. More...
class  DatabaseObject
 Provides base functionality for database objects. More...
class  Column
 Represents the a Column definition on a result. More...
class  Row
 Represents the a Row in a Result. More...


Array dir (Object object)

Detailed Description

Shell API and backward compatibility API for MySQL Servers not supporting the X DevAPI.

Function Documentation

◆ dir()

Array dir ( Object  object)


objectThe object whose properties will be listed.
The list of enumerable properties on the object.

Traverses the object retrieving its enumerable properties. The content of the returned list will depend on the object:

  • For a dictionary, returns the list of keys.
  • For an API object, returns the list of members.

Behavior of the function passing other types of objects is undefined and also unsupported.