MySQL  8.0.27
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thd_alloc_service_st Struct Reference

#include <service_thd_alloc.h>

Public Attributes

void *(* thd_alloc_func )(MYSQL_THD, size_t)
void *(* thd_calloc_func )(MYSQL_THD, size_t)
char *(* thd_strdup_func )(MYSQL_THD, const char *)
char *(* thd_strmake_func )(MYSQL_THD, const char *, size_t)
void *(* thd_memdup_func )(MYSQL_THD, const void *, size_t)
MYSQL_LEX_STRING *(* thd_make_lex_string_func )(MYSQL_THD, MYSQL_LEX_STRING *, const char *, size_t, int)

Member Data Documentation

◆ thd_alloc_func

void*(* thd_alloc_service_st::thd_alloc_func) (MYSQL_THD, size_t)

◆ thd_calloc_func

void*(* thd_alloc_service_st::thd_calloc_func) (MYSQL_THD, size_t)

◆ thd_make_lex_string_func

MYSQL_LEX_STRING*(* thd_alloc_service_st::thd_make_lex_string_func) (MYSQL_THD, MYSQL_LEX_STRING *, const char *, size_t, int)

◆ thd_memdup_func

void*(* thd_alloc_service_st::thd_memdup_func) (MYSQL_THD, const void *, size_t)

◆ thd_strdup_func

char*(* thd_alloc_service_st::thd_strdup_func) (MYSQL_THD, const char *)

◆ thd_strmake_func

char*(* thd_alloc_service_st::thd_strmake_func) (MYSQL_THD, const char *, size_t)

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