MySQL 8.4.0
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telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t Struct Reference

#include <server_telemetry_traces_bits.h>

Public Attributes

const char * m_event_name
 Performance schema event name. More...
unsigned long long m_lock_time
 Locked time. More...
const char * m_sql_text
 SQL text. More...
size_t m_sql_text_length
const char * m_digest_text
 DIGEST text. More...
const char * m_current_schema
 Current schema. More...
size_t m_current_schema_length
const char * m_object_type
 Object type. More...
size_t m_object_type_length
const char * m_object_schema
 Object schema. More...
size_t m_object_schema_length
const char * m_object_name
 Object name. More...
size_t m_object_name_length
int m_sql_errno
const char * m_sqlstate
 SQLSTATE. More...
const char * m_message_text
 Error message text. More...
unsigned long m_error_count
 Number or errors. More...
unsigned long m_warning_count
 Number of warnings. More...
unsigned long long m_rows_affected
 Rows affected. More...
unsigned long long m_rows_sent
 Rows sent. More...
unsigned long long m_rows_examined
 Rows examined. More...
unsigned long m_created_tmp_disk_tables
 Metric, temporary tables created on disk. More...
unsigned long m_created_tmp_tables
 Metric, temporary tables created. More...
unsigned long m_select_full_join
 Metric, number of select full join. More...
unsigned long m_select_full_range_join
 Metric, number of select full range join. More...
unsigned long m_select_range
 Metric, number of select range. More...
unsigned long m_select_range_check
 Metric, number of select range check. More...
unsigned long m_select_scan
 Metric, number of select scan. More...
unsigned long m_sort_merge_passes
 Metric, number of sort merge passes. More...
unsigned long m_sort_range
 Metric, number of sort merge. More...
unsigned long m_sort_rows
 Metric, number of sort rows. More...
unsigned long m_sort_scan
 Metric, number of sort scans. More...
unsigned char m_no_index_used
 Metric, no index used flag. More...
unsigned char m_no_good_index_used
 Metric, no good index used flag. More...
size_t m_max_controlled_memory
size_t m_max_total_memory
size_t m_cpu_time

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_cpu_time

size_t telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_cpu_time

◆ m_created_tmp_disk_tables

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_created_tmp_disk_tables

Metric, temporary tables created on disk.

◆ m_created_tmp_tables

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_created_tmp_tables

Metric, temporary tables created.

◆ m_current_schema

const char* telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_current_schema

Current schema.

◆ m_current_schema_length

size_t telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_current_schema_length

◆ m_digest_text

const char* telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_digest_text

DIGEST text.

◆ m_error_count

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_error_count

Number or errors.

◆ m_event_name

const char* telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_event_name

Performance schema event name.

◆ m_lock_time

unsigned long long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_lock_time

Locked time.

◆ m_max_controlled_memory

size_t telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_max_controlled_memory

◆ m_max_total_memory

size_t telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_max_total_memory

◆ m_message_text

const char* telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_message_text

Error message text.

◆ m_no_good_index_used

unsigned char telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_no_good_index_used

Metric, no good index used flag.

◆ m_no_index_used

unsigned char telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_no_index_used

Metric, no index used flag.

◆ m_object_name

const char* telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_object_name

Object name.

◆ m_object_name_length

size_t telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_object_name_length

◆ m_object_schema

const char* telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_object_schema

Object schema.

◆ m_object_schema_length

size_t telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_object_schema_length

◆ m_object_type

const char* telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_object_type

Object type.

◆ m_object_type_length

size_t telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_object_type_length

◆ m_rows_affected

unsigned long long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_rows_affected

Rows affected.

◆ m_rows_examined

unsigned long long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_rows_examined

Rows examined.

◆ m_rows_sent

unsigned long long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_rows_sent

Rows sent.

◆ m_select_full_join

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_select_full_join

Metric, number of select full join.

◆ m_select_full_range_join

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_select_full_range_join

Metric, number of select full range join.

◆ m_select_range

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_select_range

Metric, number of select range.

◆ m_select_range_check

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_select_range_check

Metric, number of select range check.

◆ m_select_scan

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_select_scan

Metric, number of select scan.

◆ m_sort_merge_passes

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_sort_merge_passes

Metric, number of sort merge passes.

◆ m_sort_range

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_sort_range

Metric, number of sort merge.

◆ m_sort_rows

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_sort_rows

Metric, number of sort rows.

◆ m_sort_scan

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_sort_scan

Metric, number of sort scans.

◆ m_sql_errno

int telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_sql_errno


◆ m_sql_text

const char* telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_sql_text

SQL text.

◆ m_sql_text_length

size_t telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_sql_text_length

◆ m_sqlstate

const char* telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_sqlstate


◆ m_warning_count

unsigned long telemetry_stmt_data_v1_t::m_warning_count

Number of warnings.

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