MySQL 8.4.0
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st_trace_event_args Struct Reference

Some trace events have additional arguments. More...

#include <plugin_trace.h>

Public Attributes

const char * plugin_name
int cmd
const unsigned char * hdr
size_t hdr_len
const unsigned char * pkt
size_t pkt_len

Detailed Description

Some trace events have additional arguments.

These are stored in st_trace_event_args structure. Various events store their arguments in the structure as follows. Unused members are set to 0/NULL.


plugin_name the name of the plugin


cmd the command code hdr pointer to command packet header hdr_len length of the header pkt pointer to command arguments pkt_len length of arguments

Other SEND_* and *_RECEIVED events

pkt the data sent or received pkt_len length of the data


pkt_len number of bytes sent

Member Data Documentation

◆ cmd

int st_trace_event_args::cmd

◆ hdr

const unsigned char* st_trace_event_args::hdr

◆ hdr_len

size_t st_trace_event_args::hdr_len

◆ pkt

const unsigned char* st_trace_event_args::pkt

◆ pkt_len

size_t st_trace_event_args::pkt_len

◆ plugin_name

const char* st_trace_event_args::plugin_name

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