MySQL  8.0.18
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st_discover_args Struct Reference

Try to discover one table from handler(s). More...

Public Attributes

const char * db
const char * name
uchar ** frmblob
size_t * frmlen

Detailed Description

Try to discover one table from handler(s).

[in]thdThread context.
[in]dbSchema of table
[in]nameName of table
[out]frmblobPointer to blob with table defintion.
[out]frmlenLength of the returned table definition blob
Return values
-1Table did not exists
0OK. Table could be discovered from SE. The *frmblob and *frmlen may be set if returning a blob which should be installed into data dictionary by the caller.
>0error. frmblob and frmlen may not be set

Member Data Documentation

◆ db

const char* st_discover_args::db

◆ frmblob

uchar** st_discover_args::frmblob

◆ frmlen

size_t* st_discover_args::frmlen

◆ name

const char* st_discover_args::name

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