MySQL 8.4.0
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srv_sys_t Struct Reference

The server system struct. More...

Public Attributes

ib_mutex_t tasks_mutex
 variable protecting the tasks queue More...
 task queue More...
ib_mutex_t mutex
 variable protecting the fields below. More...
ulint n_sys_threads
 size of the sys_threads array More...
 server thread table More...
ulint n_threads_active [SRV_MASTER+1]
 number of threads active in a thread class More...
srv_stats_t::ulint_ctr_1_t activity_count
 For tracking server activity. More...

Detailed Description

The server system struct.

Member Data Documentation

◆ activity_count

srv_stats_t::ulint_ctr_1_t srv_sys_t::activity_count

For tracking server activity.

◆ mutex

ib_mutex_t srv_sys_t::mutex

variable protecting the fields below.

◆ n_sys_threads

ulint srv_sys_t::n_sys_threads

size of the sys_threads array

◆ n_threads_active

ulint srv_sys_t::n_threads_active[SRV_MASTER+1]

number of threads active in a thread class

◆ sys_threads

srv_slot_t* srv_sys_t::sys_threads

server thread table

◆ tasks


task queue

◆ tasks_mutex

ib_mutex_t srv_sys_t::tasks_mutex

variable protecting the tasks queue

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