MySQL 8.1.0
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s_mysql_host_application_signal Struct Reference

A service to deliver a signal to host application. More...

#include <host_application_signal.h>

Public Attributes

mysql_service_status_t(* signal )(int signal_no, void *arg)
 Send a signal. More...

Detailed Description

A service to deliver a signal to host application.

Typically there'll be just one implementation of this by the main application.

Other parties interested in listening to shutdown may override the default implementation with a broadcast one and have multiple implementations receiving the shutdown signal. Or do message queueing to a set of background threads etc.

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Member Data Documentation

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mysql_service_status_t(* s_mysql_host_application_signal::signal) (int signal_no, void *arg)

Send a signal.

Can send one of host_application_signal_signals

signal_noThe signal to trigger
argSignal dependent argument
Status of performed operation
Return values
falsesuccess (valid password)
truefailure (invalid password)
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