MySQL 8.4.0
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recv_sys_t::Encryption_Key Struct Reference

#include <log0recv.h>

Public Attributes

space_id_t space_id
 Tablespace ID. More...
lsn_t lsn
 LSN of REDO log encryption entry. More...
 Encryption key. More...
 Encryption IV. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ iv

byte* recv_sys_t::Encryption_Key::iv

Encryption IV.

◆ lsn

lsn_t recv_sys_t::Encryption_Key::lsn

LSN of REDO log encryption entry.

◆ ptr

byte* recv_sys_t::Encryption_Key::ptr

Encryption key.

◆ space_id

space_id_t recv_sys_t::Encryption_Key::space_id

Tablespace ID.

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