MySQL 8.4.0
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page_zip_stat_t Struct Reference

Compression statistics for a given page size. More...

#include <page0types.h>

Public Member Functions

 page_zip_stat_t ()

Public Attributes

ulint compressed
 Number of page compressions. More...
ulint compressed_ok
 Number of successful page compressions. More...
ulint decompressed
 Number of page decompressions. More...
std::chrono::microseconds compress_time
 Duration of page compressions. More...
std::chrono::microseconds decompress_time
 Duration of page decompressions. More...

Detailed Description

Compression statistics for a given page size.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ page_zip_stat_t()

page_zip_stat_t::page_zip_stat_t ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ compress_time

std::chrono::microseconds page_zip_stat_t::compress_time

Duration of page compressions.

◆ compressed

ulint page_zip_stat_t::compressed

Number of page compressions.

◆ compressed_ok

ulint page_zip_stat_t::compressed_ok

Number of successful page compressions.

◆ decompress_time

std::chrono::microseconds page_zip_stat_t::decompress_time

Duration of page decompressions.

◆ decompressed

ulint page_zip_stat_t::decompressed

Number of page decompressions.

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