MySQL 9.0.0
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mysql_event_command Struct Reference

Event for MYSQL_AUDIT_COMMAND_CLASS event class. More...

#include <plugin_audit.h>

Public Attributes

mysql_event_command_subclass_t event_subclass
 Command event subclass. More...
int status
 Command event status. More...
unsigned long connection_id
 Connection id. More...
enum_server_command_t command_id
 Command id. More...

Detailed Description

Event for MYSQL_AUDIT_COMMAND_CLASS event class.

Events generated as a result of RPC command requests.

Member Data Documentation

◆ command_id

enum_server_command_t mysql_event_command::command_id

Command id.

◆ connection_id

unsigned long mysql_event_command::connection_id

Connection id.

◆ event_subclass

mysql_event_command_subclass_t mysql_event_command::event_subclass

Command event subclass.

◆ status

int mysql_event_command::status

Command event status.

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