MySQL 8.3.0
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mysql_event_authorization Struct Reference

Structure for MYSQL_AUDIT_AUTHORIZATION_CLASS event class. More...

#include <plugin_audit.h>

Public Attributes

mysql_event_authorization_subclass_t event_subclass
 Event subclass. More...
int status
 Event status. More...
unsigned int connection_id
 Connection id. More...
enum_sql_command_t sql_command_id
 SQL command id. More...
 SQL query text. More...
const CHARSET_INFOquery_charset
 SQL query charset. More...
 Database name. More...
 Table name. More...
 Other name associated with the event. More...
unsigned long requested_privilege
 Requested authorization privileges. More...
unsigned long granted_privilege
 Currently granted authorization privileges. More...

Detailed Description

Structure for MYSQL_AUDIT_AUTHORIZATION_CLASS event class.

Member Data Documentation

◆ connection_id

unsigned int mysql_event_authorization::connection_id

Connection id.

◆ database

MYSQL_LEX_CSTRING mysql_event_authorization::database

Database name.

◆ event_subclass

mysql_event_authorization_subclass_t mysql_event_authorization::event_subclass

Event subclass.

◆ granted_privilege

unsigned long mysql_event_authorization::granted_privilege

Currently granted authorization privileges.

◆ object

MYSQL_LEX_CSTRING mysql_event_authorization::object

Other name associated with the event.

◆ query

MYSQL_LEX_CSTRING mysql_event_authorization::query

SQL query text.

◆ query_charset

const CHARSET_INFO* mysql_event_authorization::query_charset

SQL query charset.

◆ requested_privilege

unsigned long mysql_event_authorization::requested_privilege

Requested authorization privileges.

◆ sql_command_id

enum_sql_command_t mysql_event_authorization::sql_command_id

SQL command id.

◆ status

int mysql_event_authorization::status

Event status.

◆ table

MYSQL_LEX_CSTRING mysql_event_authorization::table

Table name.

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